1.1. Mobile communication technology services:
Planning and design of mobile communication network: capacity planning, network coverage and site planning, wireless parameter planning, survey design
Communication engineering construction: communication pipeline engineering, communication power supply engineering, communication equipment engineering, mobile equipment installation engineering
Room engineering: planning, design, construction and maintenance of signal cover system for indoor and outdoor areas that are not covered with wireless signal or telephone traffic spots and offering complete solutions
Network basis commission: base station inspection and commission maintenance, power supply commission maintenance, transmission commission maintenance, iron tower commission maintenance, fault commission maintenance, and power generation protection
Network appraisal optimization: 2G/3G/4G network measurement and evaluation, network performance monitoring and maintenance, 2G/3G/4G cooperative network network performance analysis and optimization of three big operators.


1.2. Internet data services:
Server trusteeship: in order to improve the speed of access to the site, the customer will put server and related equipments to our machine room with perfect facilities, high-quality networks, and rich bandwidth resources
Server leasing: provide
Cloud services:
Data value-added services: other value-added services such as data backup services, website migration services, website protection services etc., which are carried out based on the Internet Harbor data center
operation and maintenance and outsourcing services: network architecture planning, system architecture planning, security architecture planning, project integration implementation, site flow analysis and equalization, emergency response services, etc.